Children of The Stars

The quality of the content of this book and its pictures are way beyond anything I expected. Definitely going to use this book in my next campaign and looking foward for more content.

- Francois G.

This is an absolutely amazing addition to my D&D library! It's extremely imaginative and full of wonderful ideas that are going to make your playthrough a hundred times more interesting and exciting. It's excellently explained, and the entire aesthetic of it is just... wow.

- Leonidas S.

Welcome to the first chapter of the Eren Chronicles!

Star Signs: Children of the Stars features a supplementary system to the lore and core rules of Dungeons & Dragons 5e, focusing on aspects relative to the power of the stars and the cosmic essence derived from the various planes of existence.

Through its pages, you will delve deep into the mysteries of the universe and discover how its forces affect the world, bless newborn children with unique talents and provide the means to augur the fates.

The book includes:

  • A distinctive Calendar system to keep track of your games.

  • A new supplementary system for your characters' development, represented by the concepts of 16 different Star Signs.

  • 48 unique Talents (3 per Star Sign) to further customize your characters.

  • 3 new Character Backgrounds.

  • Inspiring lore regarding the predominant forces of the universe and the planes of existence.

  • A brand new concept of Cosmic Phenomena that affect the world and its creatures, as well as guidelines for creating your own.

  • An original deck that provides the means to augur the fates, through the Art of Cartomancy.

  • 27 unique illustrations created for the purposes of this book, plus 8 high quality stock artworks.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy its every single page.