Feral Bonds and Wild Companions

Feral Bonds and Wild Companions is a complete manual that will allow you to tame, train and ride the most ferocious of creatures into both journey and battle. Discover all that you need in order to adventure together with a wild companion, while forming a bond that is unlike any other. The rules provided by this book can be used by any player character, regardless of their race, class and background.

In its contents, you will find:

  • How to tame a beast, dragon or monstrosity to become your wild companion.

  • How to train your wild companion, further enhancing its potential through various monster tricks and monster feats.

  • A unique system for dealing with the concept of mounted combat in your games.

  • A wide array of mundane items for your wild companion's equipment, along with 9 new magic items.

  • 3 new character feats:

    • The Master Rider
    • The Monster Trainer
    • The Feral Kin
  • 2 new character backgrounds:

    • The Farm-Hand
    • The Squire
  • A brand new epic character background:

    • The Dragonkin
  • Lists of all the tameable creatures found in the official sourcebooks, to be used as a quick reference.

  • A unique, custom-made wild companion sheet, to be used as a character sheet for your wild companion.

This book is dedicated to the furry little creatures that keep us company through our endless hours of writing and editing.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy every single page!