Journey of the Godslayer

[The book] quantifies what does god-level power look like and I love that.

- Rich the Lich

A triumphant result of talented minds, condensed into a thick book with a strong subject matter, rich and satisfying content ready to be explored, original ideas and apt execution.

- Goblin's Tavern

Welcome to the second chapter of the Eren Chronicles!

The Journey of the Godslayer is a complete compendium for Dungeons & Dragons 5e that deals with divine beings, their powers and those who rise up to defy them. Through its pages, you will discover all that you need in order to create unique campaigns against the almighty Gods and their followers. It is easy to use, designed in a way that allows each chapter to be employed as a standalone or combined into an epic adventure.

Built around 12 different Divine Domains, the book includes:

  • A unique concept of Seven Sacred Seals, that detail the path to defeating a deity and serve as a campaign's milestones.

  • More than 100 unique Offerings, Sacrileges, Blessings and Banes, designed for deities of each domain.

  • A supplementary Influence Point system, to help quantify devotion and heresy.

  • 17 Theurgy (10th level) spells, that put the power of the Divine into perspective.

  • 12 Archtemple concepts, devised to shelter all possible faiths.

  • 12 Divine Artifact items that feature unique effects and can help bridge the power gap between God and mortal.

  • 12 Divine Avatar monsters (CR 22+) with built-in Fatal Flaws, capable of representing the deities in combat.

  • 12 new Character Subclasses, combining all the existing classes with flavor from the divine domains.

  • Plenty of engaging lore and original artworks to inspire you.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy its every single page!

Walk the path less travelled; a Godslayer's path.