Journey of the Spiritwalker

For spirits or animism, it's the best content I have seen out there.

- Rich the Lich

You get this entire guide about spiritualism and animism. It's really big and it's really thorough. The artwork is great, the writing is spectacular.

- Mr. Tarrasque

Stunning visuals and well balanced mechanics. Trully a must buy for any DM's collection!

- Ioannis M.

Very high quality work, lots of modular parts to include standalone or all together in every campaign.

- Thanos A.

Welcome to the third chapter of the Eren Chronicles!

The Journey of the Spiritwalker is a complete compendium of spiritual entities and the mysterious powers of animism, for those who dare to invoke them. Through its pages, you will discover the various kinds of spirits that inhabit enchanted forests, haunted ruins and other mystical realms beyond the veil. You will also learn the ways of summoning such entities, whether to become a host to their supernatural powers or seal them away through occult rituals.

This supplement is designed to be easy to use, allowing its chapters to be introduced as standalone or be weaved together into a fantasy epic.

In its contents, you will find:

  • An introduction to animism and the new Spirit Subtype, as well as how one may contact these mysterious creatures.

  • Numerous Summoning Rituals, Séances and Talismans, unique to each spirit's kind and personality.

  • A unique system of Spiritual Attunement, that allows a character to become a host to a spiritual entity and share in its host powers.

  • 11 Primal spirits, incarnations of nature’s will, that are introduced with their own lore, music ambience, scaling statblocks, as well as 55 host powers to share with their allies.

  • 13 Ancestral spirits, lingering souls of the deceased that were denied passage into the afterlife. Accompanied by their lore, scaling statblocks and 65 host powers, they are designed to represent spectral apparitions of any mortal background.

  • 8 Aetherian spirits, beings born by strongly or collectively felt emotions. Along with 8 scaling statblocks and 40 host powers, delve into their mystical lore and discover what makes these new entities truly unique.

  • 5 Outsider spirits, designed to bring forth a new aspect to extraplanar creatures as you knew them. Using the Corruption system, experience the duality of dealing with an otherworldly being and the toll that comes with such a bargain.

  • A new, intricate system for the creation of magic items through Spiritual Binding, allowing you to seal the essence of the spirits into Fetishes and take advantage of their powers.

  • 25 new magic items, inspired by the world of the spirits.

  • 22 new spells, designed to bring the arcane traditions of animism into your campaigns.

  • 13 new Character Subclasses, tailored to engage each class with the essence of the spirit world.

  • More than 150 bookmarked pages, full of captivating lore and original artworks to inspire you.