Prothero's Guide to Spellweavery

It totally takes what you know of magic in 5e and blows it out of the water. It has extremely in depth descriptions on the schools of magic as well as how magic can fit into your game.

- Fireball Studios

This book is miles apart in quality from actual WotC published titles. There is so much content in this book that it is impossible to go through in a single day. But every single thing I have seen so far is so evocative and thought out.

- Noni L.

Filled to the brim with content and flavour...

- Stephen R.

Welcome to the fourth chapter of the Eren Chronicles!

Prothero’s Guide to Spellweavery is a complete codex that deals with the broad concept of magic, delving into detail over each and every one of the various aspects that compose it. From its fundamental basics to new arcane lore, as well as rules and tools for both players and story tellers, the contents of the book have been designed to enchant your stories with a spark of wonder.

Through its 130 pages, you will find:

  • Detailed guidelines and lore that will help you grasp the concept of magic at its core, as well as incorporate it into your adventures and worldbuilding, whether you are a beginner or experienced storyteller.

  • A new Affiliation System that will allow player characters to join spellcasting organizations, keep track of their reputation with them and rise through their ranks to gain access to special perks and benefits.

  • The brand-new concept of Circle Magic, which allows a group of spellcasters to rally together and produce spells and magical effects they otherwise wouldn't be capable of.

  • More than 50 new Spells, including the unique concepts of the new Circle and Synergic spells. Complementing those, are 17 new Metamagic Options for spellcasters.

  • More than 35 new Magic Items, forged to breathe the essence of magic into your campaigns.

  • More than 70 new Potions, Elixirs, Philters and Oils, along with a unique system for brewing alchemical mixtures, as well as new ways of incorporating them in combat.

  • The legacy of a mysterious artificer known as The Soulbinder, and their automaton creations; the 8 Soulbound Golems. Each Soulbound Golem is presented along with its stat block, which features variable Challenge Ratings to help you build an encounter according to your needs.

  • 12 new Subclasses for your characters, all of which revolve around the concept of magic; including the Path of the Bloodrager barbarian, Spellthief rogue and College of Truespeech bard.

  • A large variety of wonderful artworks and inspired illustrations to spur your imagination.

We have pledged the most whimsical parts of our creativity into this little tome of wonders, and we sincerely hope that you enjoy every single page!