The Carnival of Tears

This was a joy to read and was exactly what I needed for my campaign, much love.

- Le P.

Should anyone mentions Jack's name three times in a group of at least three witnesses, his Carnival is bound to arrive at the nearest town within the following three days.

The Carnival of Tears is a plug and play adventure, suitable for any campaign setting and capable of accommodating a party of characters regardless of their level.

The story revolves around a jolly and colorful carnival, full of exotic performances, festive activities and fun competitions for you to partake in. Beware though, for it hides a woeful secret.

Behind the charade, a contractor Devil called the Jack of Tears is secretly using it as a means of collecting the souls of its gambling visitors.

In the book's contents you will find:

  • An innovative storyline that involves Comedy, Mystery and Horror.

  • 8 unique Carnival Games.

  • Various Shows, Performances and Fairground Rides.

  • 14 new Magic Items.

  • 4 unique Illustrations, along with 7 more Stock Artworks.

  • A complete Carnival Setting, which you may use regardless of the adventure's main plotline.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy every single page! And remember...

... beware of bargains that seem too favorable.