Trials of Wit and Might

Trials of Wit and Might is a comprehensive guide that introduces the concept of Skill Challenges to your games, allowing you to immerse yourselves in daring escapades, realistic survival scenarios, suspenseful missions and thrilling social interactions. With Trials of Wit and Might, we aim to provide you with a whole new experience of collaborative storytelling that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Whether you're a player or a DM, Trials of Wit and Might will allow you to revolutionize your gameplay and enhance your roleplay through an innovative system that deals with almost every aspect of the game. So gather your party, sharpen your swords, and get ready to embark on a fantastical adventure unlike any other.

Within its 75 pages, you will find:

  • A simple and thorough introduction to the concept of skill challenges and how to integrate them into your games.
  • Heavily playtested mechanics to run non-combat encounters and promote collaborative storytelling.
  • Action skill challenges, to create action packed scenes such as chasing after adversaries, escaping collapsing ruins or even tavern brawls.
  • Exploration skill challenges, to envision journeys through inhospitable environments and simulate the struggles and wonders encountered in them.
  • Social skill challenges, to paint fast-paced social scenes and run them in a way that involves the whole party.
  • Variant skill challenges that introduce new mechanics to the game and aid in creating new scenarios such as raising an army, running an organization or performing a magic ritual.
  • 31 detailed archetypes of skill challenges, along with advice on how to employ them.
  • More than 465 descriptions, to master skill challenges, hook you into their concepts and get your creativity flowing.
  • Lots of incredible artworks and illustrations to stimulate your imagination, with no AI-generated art involved.