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Experience unique adventures and personal story arcs by treading

one of the 10 Mythic Paths.

From the Exemplar on the path of sainthood, to the malignant Lich or whimsical Aes Sidhe, each path stands as an intricately woven legacy of a fate defiant hero or villain of yore.

Explore new characters with unique, mythic powers, on top of their class and subclass, which grow as they complete certain milestones.

Each Mythic Path is embodied by the following:

  1. Lore to spark the imagination
  2. 5 Origin Stories to embark upon the path
  3. 5 Mythic Features that simulate its power and flavor
  4. 12 Mythic Trials to fulfill, in order to grow along the path
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75+ new feats to further customize

your Mythic Hero.

From path specific choices to others that breathe new life into established playstyles, there are many options to outline your own unique concept.

The numerous options will have you struggling to decide what to play.

legacy banner

Create a chronicle of your own that will echo throughout eternity, tracking your imprint upon the world and its people through the brand-new Legacy system.

As you perform extraordinary deeds worthy of legend, you are bound to attract a devoted following, as well as scornful adversaries.

More importantly the Legacy system connects a mythic character’s actions to those of their antagonists, aiding in the seamless creation of a story.

mythic antagonists banner

As with any heroic tale, the Nemesis of a hero shapes who they are and their journey.

Included in the book are 10 Nemesi creatures, designed to antagonize a Mythic Hero throughout their campaign. Through the Legacy system, they are deeply incorporated into the story to shape it, culminating in a final confrontation with the Mythic hero.

Each Nemesis is fleshed out by the following:

  1. Lore and Origin story
  2. Key Characteristics and Ideals
  3. Aspirations that put them in conflict with mythic characters
  4. Assets to use against them
  1. Suggested Mythic Paths to antagonize
  2. Lair and Mythos effects
  3. Statblock of CR 16 or higher for the final confrontation
mythic monsters banner

10 Mythic Monsters;

creatures born from the essence of mythos, to threaten the powerful Mythic Characters.

Each is characterized by a mythic trait that significantly changes the encounter during a pivotal and memorable moment.

Also included in the book are rules to quickly turn any creature into its mythic version, along with 3 examples of using these rules to create mythic celestials, fiends and monstrosities.